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​Member of the Russian Parliament Anatoly Aksakov

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets

President of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia

Member of the board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs


A.G. Aksakov was born on November 28, 1957 in the village Ermolaevo of Kumertausky district in Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1969 he moved to the Crimea with parents and two sisters due to the illness of mother. In 1975 he graduated from high school of the village Vilino Bakhchisaraysky district of the Crimean region.
In 1975-1977 he worked as a fitter, later as a machine operator at the chemical plant.
In 1983 graduated from the economics department of Lomonosov Moscow State University, qualified as economist.
In 1986 graduated from full-time post-graduate school of Lomonosov Moscow State University, economics department. Ph.D. in Economics, professor.
Since 1986 he worked as a lecturer at Chuvash State University, docent of Economics Theory and Market Economy Chair. In 1991-1993 he headed the Center of Foreign Economic Relations and Business Development of the Chuvash Republic.

 In 1995-1997 - he was the director of the Cheboksary branch, Moscow commercial bank

 In 1994-1997 - he was a Deputy Director of Institute of Economics, Finance and Law (Cheboksary).

1994-1995 - Deputy of the State Council of Chuvash Republic.

During this period, Anatoly Aksakov took an active part in the development of the Program on Chuvashia transition to market relations, aimed at gradual entrance of Republic in the market economy. According to experts estimates it allowed in general to retain the economic potential of Chuvashia and to keep a significant number of jobs during the implementation of radical economic and social reforms of the 1990s.
In 1997 Anatoly Aksakov became a Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet — Minister of Economic Affairs of Chuvash Republic The Anti-recessionary program (Program of top-priority measures 1998) in Chuvash Republic was developed under the leadership of Anatoly Aksakov. Implementation of The Anti-recessionary program allowed to increase the industrial output volume, redeem debts on social payments and salary.

 In 1999 Anatoly Aksakov supervised the Medium-term program of social-economic development of the Chuvash Republic, which specified social economic issues and ways of their solution, including development of science-intensive technology; informatization of all social economic processes; all levels of education and science; modern management and equipment of healthcare system, as well as technical, technological and institutional transformation of agriculture, social development of villages.

The program enabled the Republic without having deposits of strategic raw materials to become one of the most dynamic regions.
1999-2003 - Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the third convocation of the Cheboksary single member electoral district, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship.

2002-2009 he was a member of the National Banking Council of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
2003-2007 - Deputy of the Russian Federation State Duma of fourth convocation, representing single mandate electoral district, Deputy Chairman of Credit Organizations and Financial Markets Committee.

In 2005 graduated from the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation with qualification “Specialist in the filed of international relations”.

In 2006, Anatoly Aksakov was elected president of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia (Association "Russia").
2007 – present time - Member of the State Duma of the fifth and then of the sixth convocation, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Financial Market.
Contributed to the release of funding for the construction and reconstruction of social infrastructure objects in Chuvashia (Center of remedial treatment and rehabilitation for veterans and disabled; two sports schools; educational buildings and a dispensary for universities of Chuvashia, the annexe to the National Library, the reconstruction of the National Museum, Russian and Chuvash theaters, construction of perinatal and cancer centers, children's sanatorium, roads and gasification, and much more).

 Author of more than 40 laws, hundreds of amendments to the laws on socio - economic development issues and creation a favorable legal environment for the financial market of the country, adopted by the State Duma and signed by the President of Russia.
Actively participated in the creation and finalization of the laws on banks and banking business, securities market, the central depository, clearing, leasing, mortgage, mortgage-backed securities, the judicial protection of derivatives transactions, on credit bureaus on consumer lending, on consolidated supervision, on tax deductions for mega-regulator, credit cooperation, consumer lending, and many others.
He took an active part in the development of the Strategy of the Russian banking sector development, the main directions of the monetary policy of the country, took part in setting the priorities of the Central Bank of Russia.
He is one of the initiators and developers of corporate governance standards of syndicated, consumer lending, strategy and standards for lending to small and medium businesses in Russia.

 Organized active constructive cooperation of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia with the Central Bank, the Government, the Administration of the President, the leaders of the regions of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of bank and non-governmental organizations in foreign countries. He was the organizer of long-term work on the diagnosis and management of risks of credit institutions in Russia jointly with IFC.
Author of several works on the problems of economic and social development of Chuvashia and the Russian Federation.
He is the supervisor of the Faculty of Credit and Economics and head of Financial Education and Corporate Social Responsibility Department of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

He is a member of the board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, a member of the Public Council under the Commissioner of the President of the Russian Federation for the Entrepreneurs rights protection, Member of the International Socialist International Commission on Global financial problems, Member of the supervisory boards of several Russian business media.
He was awarded the medal "For merits for the Fatherland» of the I and II degree, Diploma and Medal of the State Duma of the Russian Federation "For merits in the development of legislation and the Russian parliamentary", Golden Badge of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia, Diploma of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Honorary Badge of Federal Financial Monitoring Service, Silver Vernadsky Medal, honored with Commendation of the Government of the Russian Federation.
Anatoly Aksakov was awarded the honorable title “Distinguished economist of Chuvash Republic”.
Married, has two sons, Dmitry and Alexander.
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